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Traffic Calming

Traffic calming is the design and installation of solutions to slow or reduce traffic to enhance safety for pedestrians and motorists. Traffic calming makes neighborhoods safer, more pleasant, and more livable.  It is the most effective way to reduce speeding on thoroughfares and residential streets, avoid traffic accidents, prevent injuries or fatalities, and, importantly, protect and serve pedestrians. Reducing the speed and volume of traffic to acceptable levels also reduces noise, vibration, pollution, and stress.

Results of survey responders:

  • 86.6% say that police should be more actively involved with keeping the traffic flowing through bottlenecks on busy weekends.  

  • 84.7% believe that center turn lanes at key locations would lessen traffic back-ups.

  • 90.9% want to create a pedestrian-friendly area around Love Lane and the Main Road as was submitted by the MLCA Traffic Calming Report of April, 2016 (Alternate A).    


In 2011, a traffic study indicated that the level of service (LOS) on the Main Road through Mattituck was a C [on a scale from A (best) to F (worst)].  Since then, a 7-11 and two branch banks (Chase and Capital One) have opened, as has a multi-tenant retail/office building. New development negatively impacts the LOS, so in this area it has probably dropped to at least an LOS D. Appendix 2 statistics and illustrations show traffic increase projections for different types of developments. Related concerns are: vehicle speeds, on-street parking, pedestrian crosswalks, and traffic volume and congestion. Improvements in these areas help calm and better manage traffic.

Click the blue box below to download a copy of the 2021 Traffic and Pedestrian Study for the Mattituck Hamlet

Click the blue box below to download a pdf copy of the 2017 Preliminary Traffic Study Draft.

If you prefer to read the Traffic Study online, here is the link to the Preliminary Report (copy and paste in your browser):

Click the blue box below to download a pdf copy of the Mattituck-Laurel Civic Association 2016 Traffic Calming Project Report.

MLCA Traffic Calming Project Report.jpg
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