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Landmark Buildings

The preservation and renovation of an historic property can be a starting point and anchor for the redevelopment of a neighborhood and an important part of its economic growth. A historic building or district can be a tangible symbol of a community's interest in honoring its heritage, valuing its character and sense of place, getting the most out of prior investments in infrastructure and development, and encouraging growth in already-developed areas. Rehabilitating properties can promote energy efficiency and repurposing old buildings - particularly those that are vacant - reduces the need for construction of new buildings and the consumption of land, energy, materials, and financial resources that they require.


Results of survey responders:


  • 97.7% think the Town should work with owners of historic structures to designate more landmark buildings. 

  • 100% agree that more of our historic structures should be designated as Landmark Building

  • Tax incentives can be used to encourage owners to submit their historic building for Landmark status.

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