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Locally based, long-term open space conservation plans help communities protect their environment, improve quality of life, and preserve critical elements of the local heritage, culture, and economy. Like development, conservation can be either planned or haphazard. Well-managed open space programs protect a community's natural green infrastructure, providing places for recreation, preserving important environmental and ecological functions, and enhancing quality of life.

Results of survey responders:

100% agree that all purchases of development rights on agricultural land should be mandated by law and require preservation of views, farming or dedication to public use.

93.3% think that the current exceptions to the existing zoning codes should be reduced.  47.4% of those would prefer to see those exceptions totally eliminated.

If the open land that we have left is not preserved, the effect on traffic, water quality, and community character will be detrimental.  This, in turn, will diminish the quality of life on the North Fork.  

Click here to download the informative 2022 North Fork Community Survey.

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