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Preserving Viewsheds 

Open space conservation plans help communities protect their environment, improve quality of life, and preserve critical elements of the local heritage, culture, and economy. Well-managed open space programs protect a community's natural green infrastructure, providing places for recreation, preserving important environmental and ecological functions, and enhancing quality of life.

Lack of planning can lead to fragmentation of conserved lands that disrupt land- and seascapes ("view sheds"), have less ecological value as wildlife corridors, are less accessible to community members, and have reduced value in directing growth to existing areas than larger parcels connected by corridors.


Results of survey responders:

87.5% believe that to help preserve open vistas and community character, any construction hedges, fencing signage or other actions that impair views along the main roads (which are scenic by-ways) should be prohibited.

The MLCA believes that design and site location can be made a part of the criteria aimed at preserving our views.  This is particularly appropriate along our scenic by-ways, Routes 48 and 25.

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