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Parking requirements can be an obstacle to thoughtful, efficient development. Parking requirements in many conventional zoning codes often call for off-street parking based on generic standards, not on individual sites' needs and context, and require too much parking to be provided on the development site. With their high costs and space requirements, conventional parking regulations can deter compact, mixed-use development and redevelopment in older neighborhoods.

Large expanses of surface parking can discourage walking and make driving the only viable transportation between destinations. Better managed parking can support lively, economically strong, mixed-use districts; encourage walking and transit use; and reduce the costs of projects.

Results of survey responders:

  • 97.8% want any large stores or chain stores limited to existing shopping centers.

  • The south side of Old Sound Ave., across from the existing parking (west of Love Lane), can be turned into additional parking for several cars while keeping to road open to one-way traffic heading west.

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